The Restaurant.


The Priory owes its name to Bebianus, the Roman Centurion who received the land in the first century as reward for his 25 years dedicated to expanding the Roman Empire during the war.

It’s in this period that wine growing the first appeared in Bébian. Thereafter it was the Cistercian monks who grew the wine once the Roman Empire fell. They would build the chapel in 1150, which we can still admire to this day.

the restaurant



4-course menu ....................
91€ (excl. drink)

5-course menu .....................
101€ (excl. drink)

8-course menu
130€ (excl. drink)

For kids, a dish and a desert


4 glasses
50€ (per person)

5 glasses
60€ (per person)

8 glasses
90€ (per person)

We also offer half glass tastings for those driving - glass numbers remain the same. (Pairings do not include aperitifs).

All our meat is of French origin. Prices include taxes and service.

Metier Matthieu
Formule Matthieu
Matthieu De Lauzun

As legend would have it, Molière, who lived in Pezenas from 1646 to 1657, sampled and very much appreciated the wines from the Estate. Up until the present day, the Estate periodically changed hands, finally getting modern facilities to sit alongside the historic buildings and making space for Michelin starred chef Matthieu de Lauzun’s restaurant. To offer a truly unique wine tourism service within the region, hotel rooms were added to complement the illustrious setting, Decorated in its entirety by Matthieu de Lauzun and the renowned architect Raymond Morel, the dining room offers a warm atmosphere, perfectly marrying modernism with old viticulture. Bare materials and a desire to maintain centuries-old history give the restaurant hall a distinctive ambience.
    Together with the cooperation of the finest craftsmen in the region, more than a year’s work was necessary In order to fully redevelop the historic buildings into an upscale hotel and restaurant.

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